Niche Internet Marketing

Dominate Your Market Using The Best Niche Internet Marketing Techniques

Niche internet marketing is a technique used by online marketers which allows them to dominate smaller parts of particular markets that would otherwise be too costly or competitive for them to start up in and make a profit.

By dividing a large market such as the Golfing market into smaller easier to manage chunks, a niche internet marketer can create a product or service to gain a slice of the profit pie from this area.

An niche example in the Golfing sector would be Golf clubs.

After carrying out some research online, you find that the general Golf club niche is too competitive, so you sub-divide the market again and focus on Ping golf clubs.

You notice that within this area, the demand is high enough for profit and the competition is manageable.

You’re in business!

As a niche internet marketer you now have an area of the hugely competitive and extremely lucrative golfing industry where you can focus your money making efforts.

So what’s the next step? You need to transfer your SBI! website to a WordPress platform. You can either do this yourself, or you can hire a service to transfer your SBI site to WordPress.

Stage 2 Of The Niche Internet Marketing Process

Now that you’ve discovered your niche, it’s time to do the marketing.

There a few ways to go about online marketing. One avenue is building a website about your product and creating pre-selling content pages about each of your products and then sending your visitor to an affiliate store such as Amazon to buy the product.

A bit of a mouthful, but an example would be a content page about the Ping K15 5Iron.

You tell your visitors everything about this club and when they’re ready to buy one you send them to your favorite online golf store with your unique affiliate id code in the link to buy the product.

This is known as affiliate marketing and works very well. The downside is that you never really own your customer and they come through your site and leave again, some buying and some not.

Another online business method would be creating a newsletter which you send out monthly to your subscriber list.

Everyone on your newsletter list is interested in what you have to say about Ping golf clubs, so when you recommend a particular product, some of your loyal subscribers buy the product through your affiliate link.

The advantage of this method is that the subscribers who don’t buy your recommended product are still on your list.

The next time you recommend a similar Golf club in your newsletter, they may like that particular product and you make a sale.

The best niche internet marketing method is a combination of both these models.

For example, you write a great pre-selling content page about a particular Golf club and potential visitors find you through the search engines.

They really like your site and sign up to your newsletter. After signing up they continue to browse through your site and find a top of the range Ping golf club which interests them.

Better still, a few months later they read a great review you’ve written in your newsletter about a Ping Driver and decide to buy one of these as well. Your own customer for life!
Stage 3 Of The Niche Internet Marketing Process

The final stage of this online money making process is taking action and getting started. I can help you first hand with this part.

I have been there and done it. I have several niche websites in various markets including photography, health and gardening.

I also have my own niche marketing membership site, Web Marketing Tornado, packed with videos and tutorials about building your own online business in a niche of your choice.

I want to show you how to succeed online with your own business.

These step-by-step videos were created by a successful million dollar online earner. I paid him quite a bit on money to produce these for my members.

They are top notch and very high quality. You can view them online or download them to watch at your leisure.

If you want to start making money online with your own niche internet marketing business, then you need to take action.

Nobody is going to do it for you. The ball is firmly in your court.

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Skateboarding Parts

Finding The Best Skateboarding Parts & Accessories

If you go to the skateboarding parts page, you will see a list of components we need to build a skateboard. Use this as a guide when you are choosing Computer parts.You may also want to try skateboarding parts review for a very good review of the components you may want to buy.

Where is the best place to buy?

Many good suppliers of skateboarding parts & accessories exist today. The large retail outlets in your area is a good start; the support is good and most has a good good exchange policies. The down side to these is that you pay more than you would usually do in other places. Quite often the cost is extravagant.

There are stores that sell and provide after sales service. They repair components and equipment which falls within the warranty period.These are small retail stores, and occupy an office in the malls or other small establishments. Despite location, these stores often provide individual attention and cheaper prices.

Hardware is often retail packaged from the manufacturer,they also sell OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) hardware, which is plainly wrapped and has very little or no documentation. Hardware is generally good and costs less. If you feel you should have documentation, do not buy OEM hardware. Go to a reputable store for all your Computer parts.

Skateboarding Components

Skateboarding components recommended are Intel Pentium IV, or Intel Celeron. The higher the MHz (Mega Hertz) of this part the better performance. Usually the very fastest Pentium chip is VERY expensive. A good alternative is the 2nd fastest chip. AMD also makes good processors, but in our experience, Pentium’s tend to me more stable. Note: If your CPU does not come with a heat sink, you will need to buy part separately.They usually come with one though.

Main Board

Recommended Brands: Abit, Asus, Asrock, Biostar or MSI .Any one of these companies makes solid skateboards. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU MAKE SURE YOUR BOARD SUPPORTS THE WHEELS YOU HAVE CHOSEN! We needed an ATX board.


This should be anywhere from 512 to 2 zones. The more the merrier. At least 1 is recommended.

Many of the board’s come with built in video cards, however, if . you intend to play a lot of games or if you do graphics you will need an external Video card which has extra memory and which are designed for heavy graphics.

Traction Cards

This component like traction cards come integrated on the board. There is no need for an external sound card unless you intend to play a lot of music or if you are into arranging music, There are many brands on the market and you may have to buy an alternative part.

Recommended: Many mother Boards also come with built in Modems. However this mode of interneting is fast changing where Broadband is fast becoming the norm. If however you still use Dial up, then you will need a modem. make sure your Mother Board comes with one other wise you will need to buy one

This skateboarding component is also changing and holding larger amounts of data. The choice is between the old ATA drives which are a little slower and SATS or PATA drives. Which ever you choose, ensure that the Mother Board can accept the drive since the SATA and PATA drives have different types of jacks as against the IDE cables currently used by most persons.

Skateboarders Improve Your People Skills

Hey Skaters! Improve Your People Skills!

So, what are people skills?

They are how you relate to other individuals. The quality of your people skills can be shaped by:

Your lifestyle

No matter what field you work in, this is one of the most important skills you can develop. The better you can get along with others, the easier your job will be.

This does not mean you should be a doormat or that you should avoid conflicts if they arise. Instead, it means that you should acquire the tools you need to handle conflicts, stand up for yourself and still come out on top.

How you choose to live your life and where you choose to live it will directly impact your people skills. If you choose to live alone in a remote cabin, you will not have the same quality of skills as someone who lives with a family in an urban area.

Can you see how your people skills have been shaped by your lifestyle?

Your roles

We all play a variety of roles in our lives. Mine are wife, mother, employee and webmaster, just to name a few. The number of roles and how we play them determine a lot about our ability to relate to others. If you work in a field that puts you in the role of caring for others, your way of relating to others will differ from that of someone who works alone and doesn’t have responsibility to care for anyone.

Your “survival skills”

Survival skills refer specifically to the working world. Your ability to handle the parts of your job that are not specifically part of the job description. In my case, that would include assisting with the physical expansion of the warehouse facility where I work. My title is office manager. Yet, I pick parts and fold shipping boxes. Yes, I still answer phones and file paperwork, but these other tasks need to be done, so I help where I’m needed. I have developed my “survival skills.”


The goals that you have can guide you in developing your people skills. Or, they can be directly related to them. For example, you might have a goal of learning to say no when asked to do something that would overcommit you.


Can you make decisions and stick by them? Do you get stuck in “analysis paralysis”? The ability to make good decisions and quick ones is valuable in dealing with people. Decisiveness gives you the ability to handle situations effectively. If you have a track record of good decision-making, it will earn you respect.


Along with adaptability, flexibility helps you cope with change in life, and in the workplace. You must be able to “roll with the punches” when changes occur, whether they are gradual or abrupt. Flexibility also relates to your ability to see different points of view and understand others’ ways of thinking or doing. In today’s working world, you have to be flexible to survive.


Can you keep moving forward even in adversity? Resilience is that ability. You can take your licks, but you don’t stop making progress. When you are dealing with people, this may mean being able to weather a boss’s bad mood or a co-worker’s criticism. Do not discount criticism, but look at it and ask yourself if it is warranted. Still, keep moving forward. Don’t let it stop you from doing your job and doing it well. And don’t let it stop you from getting along with others.

Website Marketing


If you have a business, you should have a website which gives your customers and visitors information on your products and services. Of course, it is important to market that website properly since it is a very important part of what you do. So sit down for a moment, breathe deeply and think about your website marketing strategy. What is your strategy? How can you maximize the number of visitors to your site and translate them into potential sales?

So how can you undertake proper website marketing, to get more visitors to come to your website? Stimulation of traffic, it is needless to say, is essential.

One of the things you should be concentrating on is search engine ranking – you need a high ranking in search engines to make sure people click on to your website. You can do this by having quality content on your website, by having a high number of links to yoursite (the higher the number of links you have, the better will be your search engine ranking), and by having content that is rich in keywords.

Always be sure to include keywords in your titles, content and descriptions.

The best website marketing is building the right type of website for your products and services. Your website should have good content like news, articles on what you do, your business vision, advice, the clients you handle, etc.

You could even consider having a blog or a community forum on your website, so that you can reach out to your visitors better. Your ultimate aim when it comes to best website marketing should be to generate the freshest of content for your website, while at the sametime building the loyalty of your customers to your brand or business.

One of the best ways for best website marketing is having some keywords hyperlinked – since search engines generally look for clues that shed light on the focus of your webpage, you can consider hyper linking some keywords which the search engine would automatically consider as potentially important.

To put even more emphasize and to get the attention of the search engine, you could also have a page name for the webpage you are linking to, with the appropriate keyword.


Subscribe to my news letter to get last update.

To market your website well, you need to make sure it is up to scratch. So make sure your content is fresh and original, that there is enough detail about your products and services, and also you should make sure that your navigation system is search engine friendly.

Since search engines generally don’t read Flash and JavaScript too well, you could supplement those menus with regular HTML links lying at the bottom of the page – these would ensure that a chain of hyperlinks- these take a search engine spider to each page on your website.

Decide on a set of target keywords, and then develop webpages around them. These will give you a high ranking in search engines, and therefore this is one of the most effective ways of website marketing.

Skateboarding In Public

How To Find Places To Skateboard In Public

Sometimes it can be very hard to find a place where you can skateboard in public. It’s usually fine if you are skateboarding down a residential streets or on a sidewalk but even then sometimes you will get yelled at. And what’s worse is most of the businesses in many towns will not allow you to skateboard in their parking lots or open spaces even if the business is closed and there are no cars in the parking lock. The police or a manager or someone will still come up and bother you.

There are some tricks to learning how to find places to skate board and public. In this article I’m going to give you some tips on how to find places where you can skateboard in public without getting into trouble. This comes from many years of experience and hopefully it will help teach some of you who are new to skateboarding.

You Won’t Get Into THAT Much Trouble

The main thing to remember is you are not going to get arrested or getting that much trouble for skateboarding in public. The absolute worst thing that is going to happen to you is you will get a ticket which your parents will have to pay for and they will probably be pretty pissed about that. I’m not sure about where you are from but out here the tickets for skateboarding and public or loitering can be up to a couple hundred dollars but the police usually only hand out a city ordinance violation which is like $20. I actually have never received one though because I am smart about what I do so if you just follow my tips you probably will never have a problem unit. You will need to deal with some security guards and cops or store owners from time to time though.

NEVER Use An Active Parking Lot

Using an active parking lot is not only dumb, but it makes all skateboarders look bad. Parking lots were not designed for skateboarders, they were designed for cars and businesses of their customers could easily get to their stores. So if we come and cause problems in their parking lot, we will never be able to get on their good side and even when the lot is closed they will still make asleep. So please do not ever use a parking lot that is currently being used by business customers because it does more harm than good.

Stick To A Smaller Location

The majority of skateboarding tricks can be done in a smaller area. Try to pick a place that is in the corner of a lot or away from the buildings. Even if the lot is closed, you want to stay in a confined space. It just looks better and it really is not necessary to use an entire parking lot. You can usually map out a small area and sweep it for debris before using it. You’ll also want to stay in a place that is not easily seen by the general public. However, you can’t be too suspicious so stay out of the alleys and loading dock areas behind the stores. Stay just a visible enough so it doesn’t look like you are hiding but don’t be so visible that everybody can see what you’re doing.

If You Get Yelled At, Be Respectful

I have been witness to people getting yelled at for skateboarding and that they scream right back and after a brief shouting match everybody walks away angry and nobody has a place to skateboard. I always try a different approach when I’m with my own friends and it works almost every time. Sometimes a business owner or security guard will come up to us and tell us we cannot skateboard but then I sweettalk them a little bit and then ducked being given permission to skateboard. This has happened many times and some of my favorite places to skate board are in areas where we were initially told we had to leave.

If the police or a security guard tells you that you must leave and you are unable to sweet talk your way into staying, do not ever yell and scream or cause a big fuss about it. Simply move on and find a different place. You might get yelled at a few times before you finally find a place that doesn’t care, but eventually you should be able to find a place.